Help 19 yr lost coverage

Please any info will be great. My daughter will be 19 in January and was currently on CHIPS to help with cost of insulin. She currently got a job at Walgreens 3 months ago and now they are dropping her CHIPS because of household income. Me and my husband live week to week on paychecks. What are we suppose to do to get my daughters insulin now. We can’t afford it. We are in TX.

Hi Lisa,

CA provides insurance to those with preexisting conditions and it is called Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP), their web address is It part of the Califirnia Department of Health Care Services.

It is a program my husband and I applied for and granted coverage when we both were out of work and are T1Ds. We were given different health plans, given from a few health organizations, and prices to choose from. We chose a plan from Kaiser Permanente and it cost $550 a month for the both of us. It was good coverage and our parents helped by splitting the amount and paid it for us (they transferred the funds and we sent the payment). At this time, we were close to losing our house and looking to refinance the loan to an amount we could pay with our unemployment checks and went back to school learn a new job trade. In the end, everything worked out fine.

I recommend you go to the Texas State Government web page and search for a similar health program for people with pre-ecisting health concerns.

Sorry for the long reply. I pray all works out for your daughter and yourselves. :blush::heart:

Sorry to hear.
I’m originally from Canada and now live in the States. This whole insurance thing still blows my mind after almost 10 years of living here.

Lilly, the pharmaceutical company behind humalog And basaglar have an insulin affordability program. They help you find a solution.
It’s worth calling them and see how they can help.
Here the website with info

I also second being in touch with your hhs department, see if there is another solution available other than chip

All the best

The insulin affordability project also offers information about other programs available

They also have a petition on the main page, to lower the price of insulin,
I think everyone that has been touched with diabetes should sign this, regardless whether they can afford it or not, knowing that many people can not afford the costs of having diabetes.

Lisa @Daugdx08, you have not mentioned what / which insulin your daughter is having difficulty purchasing. Yes, I know the cost of some insulin formulations is astronomical but there are some very affordable insulins too. Something she should discuss with her doctor.
It is true that the newly developed insulins can cost $400 per vial to help cover development and marketing costs, and there are also some very effective, and long-time proven insulins [Brand name] available for under $25 per vial at major drugstores in the US. Some of these “old standards” could be appropriate therapy. They kept me going, very active and extremely productive while living my first 40 years with diabetes.

OK this is what my endo did when so many of us couldn’t afford the expensive stuff. We went to Walmart their brand is $24.88 a bottle. Used it for YEARS before the other stuff came out. For a while that was all we had. The dosage is the same. U-100 reg = Novolog/Humalog and the U-100 NPH or N is = to the long term insulin. You can just switch, no problem…It works just like the other stuff, may take 15 minutes longer to work but other than that no difference, we all fed into the hype that the expensive stuff was better, not true. When Humalog came out it was $21.00 a bottle but the mfg. decided that since insulin was a necessity they could raise the price and that diabetics would buy it because we had too. After 64-65 years of using this stuff, I don’t see any. difference at all. Don’t panic- go to Walmart- no RX needed either. Hope this helps, bye Jan

I would see since she’s over 18 if she could apply for Medicaid under herself. They should take only her income into consideration and the fact that she has a chronic illness. It may be that since she is older CHIP is no longer an option for her, but another type of Medicaid is.