Has anyone tried the I-Port?

Hi I wanted to see if anyone has heard or tried the I-Port?  My two older children are on insulin pumps but my youngest has markers for type 1.  I know there is usually a waiting period to get the pump.  I just ran across the I-Port pamphlet and wanted to see if it works better than shots ( scar tissue etc.) or if it is the same as alternating shots?



I've seen the iPort, but have never used it.  

Doubt it would cause scar tissue, as long as you rotate spots.  I did shots for 25 years (for the last decade I took about 5 shots a day) and never had problems with scar tissue.  

Funny, we actually just talked to our endo about this a week ago for our 3 yr old.  We opted not to use it as she tolerates shots well, but here's what he was telling us.  You have to change the site every 3 days or more frequent depending on the number of injections.  The reason is b/c the port is only good for so many injects before it starts to leak and not work anymore, so if you end up giving extra doses, or are using the same port for both insulins, you will need to change it more often.  You have to flush it with saline after each dose to make sure that the dose got in and to prevent the port from clogging up.  If you are giving only 1/2 unit doses (which we do) it is no gauranteed that the whole dose will be delivered.  Except for the port insertion, insulin delivery is virtually painless we were told. It shoots in under the skin with force creating a mist. He said it works great for kids who have a real big adversion to needles and giving insulin becomes a real battle.  We opted not to go with it b/c like I said she tolerates well.  You have to rotate sites of course, and I don't think there would be a difference in scar tissue.  Also, I am not sure exactly how secure they are once on and I think my daughter would be bothered more by it being there and might pick at it unless it was outta site outta mind.  Hope that helps a bit.  It seemed like more work to me that it would be a benefit in our case.

Oh and itsabout $15/port (CAD) so depending on if it would be approved for your insurance coverage, it could be bit pricey.

Sounds like it's similar to a pump infusion site.  You can't usually feel it in the skin.  After 3 days of use my skin doesn't absorb the insulin as well.  

With any shot, there's no guarantee that the full insulin dose is being absorbed.  Think that's especially true with insulin pens since the needle is so small.  Know it's easier said than done with a child, but if they'll let you leave the syringe in the skin for 5-10 seconds after pushing the insulin in.  It acts like a cork and helps prevent leaking.  

Your absolutely right Jenna, and we do leave the pen in for 10 seconds after.  The problem using the port/pen combo is more in the mechanics of the 1/2u dosing pen.  The company even says on the label that they cannot guarantee 1/2u doses until 11/2 units is being administered- something to do with the actual pen itself not the user. When we are only giving 1/2u and thats all, we have seen this reflected on occasion in the next BG read.  I said to our endo that sometimes it seems like the insulin did nothing or she didn't get any, despite what I felt was a good inject with no leak.  He said, "Your right, she didn't get it" And went on to tell us about this problem.  So add that to the same issue with a port.... I am sure it would be better (or near perfect) with bigger doses or syringes.

Thank you all for responding I really appreciate your thoughts and advice.  I hope I still have a little more time before he is diag. I just want to be prepared.  I wish I would have known about this when my other kids were still on shots.  Thank you all for your help

Scarlet, if you don't mind my asking, when you got your son tested to see if he showed markers and he then he did... do you feel better knowing that or if you could do if over again, would you choose to not know? I often wonder about my other girl, but I kinda think I prefer not knowing what the future holds.  If I knew it was only a matter of time I think it would drive me batty.  Would you share your thoughts on the matter? If its too personal, feel free not to respond. No worries :)

Hi Jen,

No it's not to personal but it is a long answer but here it goes.  My oldest son was diag in Dec.06 since he was the only one in our whole family (even extended) that we know of with type 1 so we were in shock.  He spent the typical 4 days in the hospital.  His A1c at diag was 14.1 I know lucky he was not in a coma. So when we were approached to have our family be part of a research study we wanted to know.  Then two and a half months later we found out through the study my daughter had two of the markers. We made an appt for the follow up glucose test she woke up in the middle of the night to go potty but she was only three so that is not so unusual I was just being over protective.I was worried sick and called the doctor he said go ahead and test her with the spare meter and call him back.  When I tested her with the spare meter her BG was so high (I know now that means over 600) it wouldn't register.  I called the doctor back since it had been such a short time since we were in the hospital he said he would try to keep us out of the hospital.  He said if we can keep her BG under control he would work with us he called us 4 or more times a day.  We went to see him three days later.  Thankfully she had no serious DKA like my oldest son and better yet required no ER visit. Her A1c at time of diag. 8.6. This is because it was caught early which sad to say it wouldn't have been caught so soon unless we were part of the study.  She had her well check two months before and had no outward signs of Type 1. Her growth chart was fine everything looked great.

So the first year my youngest was negative for any markers then right before he turned four he tested positive for three of the markers.  He is now in the oral insulin study.  This means he either is on a placebo or an insulin enzyme pill.   The thought is either it will prevent or prolong the onset of Type 1.  That is the thought no proof of it yet.  The way I look at since I have two other children I would wonder about him having it no matter what. So this way his A1c is tested every 6 months as soon as it is over 6.0 (considered type 1) I will know.  He also gets the two hour glucose test done every 6 months.  

I understand not everyone wants to know about the markers but for us it works.  I know what signs to watch for but now I also have the medical test done to hopefully catch it early when it does happen.  Also, if there is any possibility he won't get until he is a little older I am all for that.  I see the difference in having someone diag at 10 and someone diag at 3. I really don't want another child as sick as my oldest son and sadly so many are in even worse condition at diag. than he was. That is just my opinion though everyone has to make that choice for their family.

Thank you for sharing.  Here's hoping things play out in your son's favor.