Has anyone tried Glucerna products?

Does anyone use Glucerna meal bars, shakes or anything else?

Man no one out there has tried this product? Does anyone about it? Ive tried the shake and I liked it alot. It tastes just like chocolate milk but with less sugar and carbs.

when i saw the diabetic nurse at my family doctor's office last year she gave me some free samples of the bars. SO GROSS. i talked a friend into trying a piece, after about 15mins of going "no no it's really good" and they spat it up, started gagging and cursed at me. haha. that was the only thing worth taking them was watching other people react just as i did haha.

I tried the shakes about 5 years ago and did not like them. I was considering trying them now to see if they've gotten any better tasting though.

Ive never tried the energy bars and I dont know if I would. Most energy bars are gross and tast like cardboard. But the chocolate shake was really good. I didnt like drinking out of the can it came in but after pouring it into a glass I really liked it.

the chocolate is alright, the rest suck majorly. i've drank the chocolate ones when i was going in for produres and could only have something liquid in my stomach. not the greatest though, pretty much had to force it down.

I have had the shakes which are OK but better when they are chilled. I have not tried the bars but cereals are pretty good. I like the cereal with the almonds the best.


I like the Homemade Vanilla Shake LOVEE it actually... It tastes like vanilla shake not gross or anything I highly recommend it if you havent tried it yet.


i love the glucerna strawberry shake better than the other flavors....use them for breakfast....

I love the shakes!! :D

I like the shakes. The bars, not so much. The bars taste like rubber with chocolate dripped all over it.

I've always thought these products were a bunch of bunk.  How are they any better or worse than a normal energy bar or drink?  

Think they were created to trick Type 2s who don't know about carb counting and think there are magic diabetic foods.  Like sugar free chocolate or ice cream...  it typically has about the same carb count as regular.  So why not just enjoy the good stuff?

yeah, i use the powder form, its is more cost effective, great stuff.

i love them... they are pricey but good

I have been drinking the shakes for breakfast since I am pregnant. Not bad... I like the chocolate better than the vanilla..