Has Anyone Tried the "Two Moms in the Raw" Products at Whole Foods?

Perusing the aisles of places like Whole Foods is not a pastime that I do.  Everything is so expensive but  I have come across some great products and have thought of ordering them online. They might be cheaper. 

I really like French Vanilla Stevia as a sweetener.  To me it seems to have a better taste than regular Stevia.  In my coffee it offers a substitute to using traditional sugar.  I do use a little bit of sugar but round it out with a bit of the Stevia.  What are your thoughts on this ? What do you use for sweetners ?

I do alot of this stuff to maintain the weight loss of 30 pounds that I have been able to achieve in the last year. 

As far as good tasting low carbohydrate/low calorie snacks I recommend, "Two Moms in the Raw",  Rawkin Roll products and Earth Organics products.  They are gluten-free and raw.  The products I like are:

The Fig Chia bar (Cal 170, Carbs 17g- I am partial to figs), www.twomomsintheraw.com

 The Goji Bar,( Cal 160, Carbs 10g- sunflower seeds, figs, dates, almonds and orange peel), www.earthlingorganics.com

A really interesting product called "Rawk-n-Roll Cuisine" consists of kale, bell pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, raw agave, spices (one serving is 10g Carbs and 30 Cal) www.RawkinRollCuisine.com.  It has a bit of a kick to it but is slightly salty and sweet and chewy. 

Don't you think that drinking a healthy shake is not as satisfying as something that you can chew.  Having a good chew once in a while feels great.  It is fun to dig your teeth into something.  It feels almost as satisfying as eating dried fruit, which I love but my hips don't, without all the calories and carbs.  What is great is that all these foods are satisfying and taste good.

Another great raw snack is the Blueberry Granola bars made by the Two Moms in the Raw.  They are so bulky and big that 1/4 of the bar would suffice as a snack (Cal 50 and Carbs 8).  Again they are high in fiber so a little bit goes a long way, www. twomomsintheraw.com.

What kind of good tasting, healthy snacks have you found at your local health store ?