Has anyone heard of a device called a "diabetic guard\"?

Hi Everyone! I have a question, please can anyone help me out here? I am asking on behalf of my dear dad who has diabetes. He is amazing, having been diagnosed at age 4, now at 71 years old, he is an inspiration for all who know him, for his dedication to his health and diet and care, and all he is able to accomplish, even though he lost his vision due to the diabetes, he is amazing at what he can do! Although he does a great job of taking care of himself, and taking his tests and insulin while not being able to see what he is doing, he is having trouble with this one thing: after pricking his finger to do a blood test, on account of his blindness, he has great difficulty in finding the spot of blood in order to get the blood droplette onto the test strip. Sadly, he sometime has to do the test 3 or 4 times, just because he can’t find the blood spot in order to get it on the test strip. So anyway, a diabetic nurse told him about a medical device called a “diabetic guard”. It is something he can put on his finger, I think made out of medal, that has a window opening where he can prick his flesh inside the window, and then he can feel for the window to guide him to where at his finger is bleeding so that he can put the strip on the spot to get the test. She suggested this to him after watching him struggle with this, yet we cannot find this product, maybe it is called something else? Both my dad’s diabetic nurses and I have been researching and coming up with nothing. If anyone here has any idea, has heard of this thing, knows where to get one, please let me know. It would really help out my amazing father! Thank you! LRP

Try “Viadrop” http://viadrop.weebly.com/ It looks like what you’re describing. Good luck!
Another resource in general would be the National Federation for the Blind. That organization has a kind of subgroup called “Diabetes Action Network” https://nfb.org/diabetics

Thank you so much, Susanlily! I am going to check out those links you gave me right now. Thanks again! LRP