Non-*** glocus monitors

So, I remember a while ago people were talking about glucose monitors that did not require you to prick yourself.  I think they were supposed to have some kind of laser in them.  Someone told me that one of them looked like a watch.

My fingertips are so calloused and/or sensitive. Does anyone know anything about these machines?  Has anyone tried using any of them?

The glucowatch I heard about was supposed to use skin conductance to measure sugar levels.  My diabetes educator used one and apparently developed contact burns where it touched her skin.

Nice.  So that one is out.

I had heard about some laser device about 10 years ago.  Sounded great, but haven't heard anything about it since.  But don't worry, a cure is only 5 to 10 years away!

Michelle - have you tried using your palm or arm? My friend's daughter does her arm and says it does not hurt at all and only uses her fingers then when she is high or low or not feeling 'right'. My son won't let me me use anything other than his fingers.

I haven't tried that.  Do you guys know if the regular prickers work on parts of the body with thicker skin?  I have the One Touch Ultra.

I do arm testing exclusively except when I'm wearing long sleeve stuff out and don't want to have to undress to test.  It's more a function of the poker device than the tester I believe.  Most testers now claim to do palm/arm/leg testing.  I use the Freestyle poker device and a One Touch monitor presently.  The FreeStyle poker is designed to and works well for arm testing.  Not sure if you can buy just that, but you might want to check that out.  Arm testing truly is painless and doesn't leave sore spots if you poke a little too deep.  If you try it, you won't go back!

I have an acquaintance who swears by Pelikan.  Her 18-year-old son had a pathological issue regarding the pain associated with lancing.  They were through device after device.  You can read all about it at the site.


HI!  I do my arms pretty much exclusively too.  I have a Freestyle Flash meter and pretty much love it.  I play bass guitar and I am a massage therapist, so testing on my fingers is pretty much out of the question.  90% of the time, I can't even feel the prick at all, the other 10% it is nothing worse than a bug bite... I highly recommend it.

Thanks for all the responses guys!  I'm definately gonna try it out.  :)

im scarred to try my arm

SIde note: I saw all the asterisks with the forum title, and when went here to read the note, I got the giggles. For goodness' sakes...proik...PrEEk...but no, for the love of all innocent bystanders, never in a million years, type prick. How funny.

If there was a no prick monitor, would the testing have similar disparities to the forearm testing? Are the CGM readings reliable, and if there are mathematical changes that must happen, like my pump BG monitor, are they simple equations?


Yeah I don' t know about the ***.  It just appeared.  I did misspell glucose --- but I didn't add the ***.  Weird.

Crochet Nut, do you have a pump that also has a BG monitor?  What kind of pump do you have?

Hey Michelle,

I apologize for taking so long to respond to you. I have a cosmonitor (I never know if the S should be a Z or not) insulin pump. It has an infrared blood glucose monitor attached to it. The monitor is detachable and uses Freestyle strips. I like the features of the pump (this is good...I had no other choices with insurance). You can dial in and get bolus recommendations, and it has a hypo and high blood sugar alert. The hypo alert tells you that you are dropping too quickly. It also suggests carbs. There's also a disconnect feature that allows you to take a shower and not miss out on the insulin. I got an infrared IR adapter and renamed my boluses and basal rates..."sick as a dog," for instance, is a temporary basal rate. It says it right there on the screen and gives me the giggles. Yes, I laugh at my own jokes. Anyway, long story short, you do check the levels through the meter on the's not a CGM, though.

Hey DDrumminman..we can all hope that a cure is 5-10 years away