Halloween treat alternatives

My mom dreaded Halloween when I was growing up with diabetes. Like all my friends I would grab handfuls of candy to scarf down as soon as I possibly could. While the term “sugar shock” wasn’t a literal term for them it certainly could become one for me, so my mom did all she could to save me from myself, generally tossing most of my hoard into the garbage as soon as my back was turned. We can calculate and adjust for carbs now but even so nobody wants to see their kid eating all that junk.
As an option, I found a list of alternate goodies updated as popular for this year. Some are foods, but there are other types of goodies on the list as well. Of course you have to scroll down to get to “the meat of the matter.” You can hand them out at your house, and share the list with friends. I’m addition to kids with diabetes it could be helpful for this with allergies to nuts, etc.