Guys Guys Guys

This has NOTHING to do with diabetes....but I need some advice...;) So I have a "boyfriend" who is also fourteen but lives in Illinois where I used to live but he NEVER calls me and when I call him he never wants to talk and makes up a lame excuse! HE has a best friend who is also my best friend and has been forever. He is really nice and we talk allllll the time and I like him more than I like my "boyfriend". The thing is I know the best friend would probably never want to be my boy friend because he is best friends with my current loser "boyfriend". But I'm not entirely sure because he acts like he likes me too what should I do? Dump the boyfriend and go for the bestfriend? Or is that too classic a move? Haha...never thought it would come to this! ;)- Kinda confusing, I know!

I love giving advice. I know I dont know you but I would like to help anyway. First of all you have to realize boys are not the most important thing in life. It may sound crazy but they really aren't. But really I think you need to dump your boyfriend but dont be harsh. I think its a long distance thing you have going on and those really dont tend to work out. I also think you need to just take a break. Don't jump into a relationship with your bestfriend right away...maybe not at all. At least for now. You have to think about what would happen with his friendship with your current boyfriend. So just take a step back. Calm down. The boyfriend is not acting like a boyfriend and may want to break up but doesnt have the balls to do it (excuse my language). Warning sign? you called your boyfriend a loser and put him in "" like he really wasnt. hahah. Just let him go maybe find a guy that lives by you. Good luck :)




Hey thanks emily! Yeah, i know guys aren't that big a deal in life and everything, but this situation is getting pretty retarded! I don't really care about having a boyfriend because its really just a label but I really do like the best friend as a best friend and he doesnt seem THAT interested in me anyway, but we are still good friends. So that parts settled...Now my current boyfriend is actually not really my boyfriend. He calls us bf and gf but our parents wont allow us to really be bf and gf, not until we are older at least...but we at least used to talk and he would visit every other summer or fall. So its been a while since I saw him and he never calls me anymore and whenever I call him he makes up a lame excuse why he cant talk or sometimes just says he doesnt want to talk. I dont really care anymore. I think I'll just let things be and this summer when I go to Illinoois to visit I will talk to him and end "it". So thanks emily! Your advice helped a bunch!

i am glad that I could help :) Good luck with everything! you seem like a great person...and i think ending it with that thing in Illinois is the best decision! hahah "] Be smart girl!