So, I’ve heard some stories about people losing friends when they found they had diabetes. I haven’t lost friends, but I was wondering if I should drop some. Like my friends will say things that are hurtful but they’re just joking. I told them It didn’t bother me, one because I dont kno how to seriously tell them, and two because I thought it would go away. It did go away, kind of, after a while, but every now and then they’ll say something. The weird thing is though, is that they’ll tell their parents way they say to me, like they think their parents will find it funny too. But literally all of their parents have basically told me not to take their crap. One of my friends Erin said something to me while her mom was standing there, and I could tell her mom was really close to slapping her. It just bothers me that my friends parents treat me better than my friends do. Has anyone had this problem? And can anyone give me advice. Thanks.

I've had this problem, before and after I became diabetic. I was bullied at school by people who weren't my friends, so I moved schools. But you probably don't wanna do that ;) Those people are just mean, and it was hard for me to gradually stop talking to them, even though they were mean to me. But I realized that I'm a lot happier without those people bringing me down.

K. Thanks. The problem is though, the person whose the meanest to me, is the same person i'm oing history & health fair with. : (