Groups in Eugene, Oregon

Hello Everyone,

My son was diagnosed aprox 2 weeks ago after a scary DKA trip to the ER and subsequent 5 day long stay in the Ped’s Unit. He is high functioning autistic and has so far adapted well to checking blood sugars and giving injections at home. School is an entirely different story. I am having a hard time coping with the stress of his diagnosis and management of T1D, but also the regression in behaviors that we are now seeing.

I am looking for a support group in Eugene or the surrounding area, for parents only. I want to eventually get him connected with other teens with T1D, but if I am a mess, nothing is going to get done.


– Ashley

Hi Ashley,

I’m glad you’re looking for some support early, it’s definitely a lot to manage, and certainly can’t be easier with your son’s spectrum situation complicating things. Our son was diagnosed T1D last April, and then diagnosed with ADHD inattentive in January, so yeah…it’s challenging, even for an RN. We’re in Albany, so a bit far for any real support, but I’m available via email, and if you’re interested in a meeting group, I’m willing to help you look. I know there are other kids in your area that have the same combination of diagnoses, and Eugene definitely has enough people that there have to be a fair number of T1D families.