Hi !

My name is Andy. I am developer and I am working on Open Source software called GNU Gluco Control ( In last two years we started working on support for pumps, and we added a lot of code, for working with pumps, we are also working on supporting some pumps (our latest code support Dana and Roche Spirit). Now we have data stuff finished (we need to support more pumps, but framework is more or less stable, so we can do that), what we need now, is visualization of retrieved data. 

What I would need help from you... is info which graphs do you use, or what graphs would you like to have (if it were up to you)? After we will make release (this or next month), we will start working on this visualizations and this information would be a great help. Also which of this graphs are helpful to your doctor, so that we can also support printing of this data (we can currently print data just as text, which is more or less helpful, but we also need to know which graphs would be nice to print so that we can add them to reports).

Thanks in advance for all your ideas.


P.S.: If your graph is not just idea, please attach it as picture.