Getting through security with pump and sensor

Hi all -

Has anyone had any issues getting through TSA screening with pump or sensor?  We don't want to have any unexpected issues when we get to the airport. 


Drew's Mom

I have the Omnipod right now. And the last 2 times I traveled I had no problems.

 When I had the Animas Pump I had problems. I am not sure it it was the metal clip that clipped it to my waistband or what. I always set the alarm off & they had to "wand" me. Also, even with a note from my Dr stating I was diabetic, they went through all my personal belongings. My carry on bag & my purse. They took everything out & wiped it down with a special cloth & put it in their machine. I think looking for residue. Annoying.

Just make sure you get there an extra half hour, if not more in addition to the time they tell you normally.


Good Luck!

I don't typically have a problem going through security with a pump however, I do tell the security agent that I have one before going through.  I've traveled multiple times and have had only one major problem, I was at Kennedy Space Center and the guard wouldn't believe me that my pump wasn't a cell phone, the discussion went on for 5 minutes until I lifted my shirt and showed him my site, he then allowed me through without further problem.  Now I put my pump in my pocket, make sure that the tubing is tucked in and mention that I have a pump.  Also I put my insulin and glucagon (if it fits) in the quart bag with the rest of my liquids it seems to help. 

Good luck and have fun on vacation :)


O my Gosh! I have trouble getting through the moniters all the time! I travel alot and the first year I got my pump me and my mom went to Cali and I went through the screening and a week later the motor crashed! So I haven't been through one sense. If I were you I would just tell them and don't go through the screening with the pump on!

Last time I flew it was to Hawaii and I had a TSA Agent tell me the best way to get through with my pump was to take it out of my pocket and hold it as well as tell the TSA agent that I was diabetic and that was my pump. I guess it makes it visible to them and they can make sure there was nothing else in my pocket. We shall see if that works the next time I fly, becuase I hate being singled out and have all my stuff gone through just cause I have a pump on. Almost discriminative. But I also understand its a saftey issue.

Never a problem ... road warrior too!  Just make sure your pump is NOT in a leather case as those minimed cases have a steel bar in it ...

I don't fret about it ... they are doing what they need to do and i just want to get through ASAP!!  


The last two times I've flown they have done some sort of residue test on my hands after they find out that I have a pump. I think that they think it's a bomb. . .