Omnipod and the Airport?

In Late January I am taking a two month trip to Poland/Israel. I was wondering if anyone has gone through airport security with an omnipod?

If so, how did they handle it? did they ask questions? or any other information would be appreciated.

When my school has taken us to public places (Baseball Games, Parks ETC.) they left it to me to tell security I am diabetic (which I am perfectly comfortable with) and I was wondering if Airport security will be as easy as that, or if I need my parents to request the accompanist of a teacher when I go through it. 

I've gone through with needles before, but I feel something as big as the Omnipod, especially if I'm wearing a long sleeves shirt and they cant see what the big huge bulge is, will be harder to get by with.

I've flown over 10 times this year with the Omnipod.  Not once did it set off the metal detector.  I didn't tell any of the security personnel about it and they asked no questions.  I just passed right through security without a hitch.  They didn't question my purse with my controller and extra syringes and Omnipod kits either.

However,  I do keep a letter from my doctor as well as some literature about Omnipod with me when I travel, just in case!

I've also flown with it several times and never had a problem.  On the couple of occasions that security has seen it (in a full body scan detector), they asked what it was and then accepted my response that it was an insulin pump.  

I always keep my extra stuff (pods, insulin, syringes, etc) in my carryon and no one's ever questioned me about them.  


i have an id card in my wallet, my medic alert bracelet, and i was previously told a doctor's note would be helpful, but i've never had a problem with travel with any of my diabetic supplies (syringes, or pump stuff)

Now get this one...  I was going on a domestic flight (within Canada) just yesterday.  As I was going through security, I informed them, as usual, that I was wearing an insulin pump (Animas 2020).  No problem, but since it does make the alarm go off, they always do that wand thing.  So this security guard lady is asking me a few questions about my diabetes, how long I've been diabetic, if it's hereditary, etc.  I figure she's just being nice...  Then the whammy:  she proceeds to tell me that she can cure my diabetes!  She claims that any disease can be cured...  I asked her politely "Are you talking about naturopathy?  herbal remedies?..."  She couldn't even tell me any more details!  Imagine, she's able to cure me but she can't tell me how!!!

Needless to say, I felt like arguing with her.  But then I told myself to shut up because she was an airport security guard, after all, and I didn't want to end up getting strip-searched!  My tongue is still hurting today from biting it so hard!  LOL

can you send me her name?  lol  i want this cure that she's not allowed to tell anyone about!

Ha ha!  No kidding...  maybe I should have stuck around and talked to her longer!

thank you so much everyone!

and ahaha about the curing Diabetes thing.