Getting Fit with T1D

Hi my T1D friends, my name is Ariel Warren. I’m a Registered Dietitian and I was diagnosed with T1D when I was 4 years old. I started a super low-key FB group to help T1Ds workout, get in better shape, but most importantly while decreasing insulin needs and helping with more stabilized blood sugars.

Working out can be pretty tricky when you are a T1D. Honestly, I learn about T1D everyday as I continue to try new workouts. I just started a 14 Day HIIT Workout Challenge for Diabetics. If you want a little motivation, or just want T1D support while trying to get fit, definitely join us.

I wanted to start this “Getting Fit with T1D” group to give back to diabetics and health professionals that have been absolute role models to me as a young kid and adult with diabetes.

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Hi Ariel! I see this post is kind of old, so maybe you won’t even see this😕
I’m working very hard to get my “dream body”, but I’m definitely struggling with staying motivated when T1D has me down. Do you ever do challenges and such that aren’t based on Facebook? I got rid of it years ago (And haven’t missed it!)
I’m just looking for people who understand the difficulties that T1D can create when TRYING to get fit!

Hi Ashley, I’m just seeing this now. I’m so sorry! I haven’t been doing challenges as much lately. I work as a Diabetes Educator 2X a week, but on my off days work with Type 1s through Telehealth video calls. I’m not great about checking on Type One Nation, but you can email me ( Where are you currently with your fitness goals and motivation? I completely understand how hard it can be to keep motivated when somedays you have to drink all the calories you just burned because of a low. Do you use a pump and/or a CGM?