Has anyone else been told that their hemoglobin A1c levels are inaccurate?  This has been the case for me for 15 years.  I only knew after I finally figured out my constant 5.0-5.5 levels just couldn't be true and mentioned it to my endo.  He tested my fructosamine levels (which is like a 2 week average instead of a 6month average) and they didn't correlate.  I'm not sure what this says about my hemoglobin?  I know that keeping my fructosamine level under 280 is my "goal"; however it's only a measure of 2 weeks... am I alone with this?

imo, it will be many years before any correlation of health and fructosamine can be made.  in the meantime, there are correlation studies between hba1c and health, and they're sometimes inconclusive.    No one can even agree if it's overall healthier to have an a1c of 5.5 with short term blood sugar swings or an a1c of 7 with no swings.  

what does the endo say about the stability of furctosamine in serum/plasma?  some studies show that a mere 12 hours at ambient temperatures will affect (cause an increase in) the fructosamine levels in a blood sample.

anyway, I hope you aren't sweating too much over fructosamine levels Katie, especially with a low (i'll say it PERFECT)  a1c.  btw, does your a1c correlate with your meter averages?  also, you're not alone in worry, i think we all worry a bit.


Thanks Joe! No, my a1c's do not correlate with my average blood sugars.  My a1c's are a completely useless tool in helping me track my long term progress.  Instead, I get a 2week average from my fructosamine (which, for the most part, I can pretty much know/remember how well/not well I've done the past 2 weeks, so I find it not much help).   I have no clue about the stability of fructosamine in plasma...all I know is it's a lab draw and not a quick "in office" check like a1c is, but that's a good point.  

This website helps me know I'm not alone in a million ways with diabetes!  I was just wondering and throwing it out there...if anyone questions their a1c's accuracy, like I did, maybe start asking questions to your endo and maybe its not accurate, like mine :(