Free test strips/lancets

Hi everyone! Since I have been on the Dexcom G6 for a couple years now, I have quite the stash of test strips and lancets that I never use anymore. So if anyone is interested, I just want to get rid of these to someone who will use them so I don’t have to throw them all away! (BTW, I asked my nurse practitioner, and she said expired is still fine as long as you don’t start getting wacky readings.)

13 100-count boxes of Contour Next test strips
[3 boxes expired 10/31/2020; 5 boxes expired 12/31/2020; 5 boxes expire 7/31/2021]
11 100-count boxes of Accu-Check Fastclix lancets

Please let me know if you can use some or all of these! I would appreciate help with shipping costs if possible.

hi @AbigailL you can also call your endo to see if they know of someone in need. there are also organizations that take donations such as Med-Eq and Project CURE, Med share, etc.

some links are here

its really nice of you to try to get these to someone who needs it! cheers!

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