Free Foods

Hey Everyone I need some help Im about to go the grocery store and the Only free foods I can remember are sugar free jello, cheese, ham,  Can some one help me make list of all the free food PLEASE?? I know Pickles are but my little goober of a son wont eat pickles..(I LOVE PICKLES) 


Also do any of you have any ideas of ways I explain a free food to my inlaws?? They don't understand that some foods are free. 



Nuts, vegetables (have minimal carbs so they count as free), and popcorn (in moderate amounts) are also free.  Crystal Lite is a good alternative to juice or lemonade.  

Free foods are any foods that don't have (or have very small amounts) of carbs.  Any foods that don't contain starches or sugars are free.  Dairy products contain lactose, which is sugar, but cheese is eaten in such small quantities that it is considered free.  Fruits, grains, and anything with added sugar has carbs.  Do your inlaws understand how diabetes works?  If they don't, I would start by explaining the basics to them, and then explain why your son has to be careful with eating carbs.  While he needs carbs, he needs to balance them with insulin, and so free foods are like safe foods for him.  Otherwise, hopefully the starches/sugars thing makes sense to them!  Just remember when explaining to people that it can take a while for others to understand, and may require lots of repetition of information.  Try not to get too frustrated and don't blame yourself for anything, no matter what they say.  Best of luck!!


Foods with 5 carbs or less are considered "free" foods. That's the simplest way to figure it out. Look at a label for carb counts :o)

My daughter likes cottage cheese that is low enough doesn't count. She loves sugar free Popsicles, she never got those before Type 1, so she thinks it's really special. 

The other thing that will be your best friend are those 100 calorie packs of snacks. Most are exactly 15 carbs, and it helps you when you need a quick 15 without having to think about it. 

My daughter is on a animal cracker and mickey mouse cheese (it's cheese shaped like the mouse at Wal-Mart), that with a Popsicle each night before bed generally holds her through the night. 

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Foods with 5 carbs or less are considered "free" foods. That's the simplest way to figure it out. Look at a label for carb counts :o)



But be sure to only eat one serving because if you eat more you will need to account for it.  I think that is where a lot of people get confused.  They think "Oh, it's a free food I can eat as much as I want."