Free foods!

Hi! When I was younger my doctor always gave me a list of "free foods" little to no carb snacks. I wanted to see if anyone had any creative or fun ideas of free foods I could try.


Thanks =)

I always ate alot of sugar free jello, sandwich meat, pickles, raw veggies, popcorn, and eggs. Just look at the carb count first--some brands have more carbs then others..but most of that stuff has hardly any carbs

Sometimes I eat lowfat cottage cheese and a whole can of sliced or halved peaches (in their own juice..not heavy syrup.)  I bolused for it once and got low! lol  It might not be 100% "free", but it's pretty close.  I also like low fat string cheese which should be totally free.


I have heard, and I can't remember where) that when you eat "anything" it will affect your blood sugar.  It can be a small or large change it normally depends on the persons own body and the food that was consumed. The liver releases stored sugar when you eat. The liver also does this when you are hungry, burning energy, and sometimes at the thought of food. I have been trying to find this research that I read on it and haven't come across it yet. I do know that when I exercise my blood sugars will rise. I use a pump so I just change my basal rate for that time frame. If I got hungry during a hospital stay and they gave me a carb-free snack my sugars would rise, so I do know from my own trials that a change does happen even if no carb's are consumed.

I did come across this when I was looking for this research. I will post the link for what I did find and then post the other if/when I find it.

MaryMartha    p.s. the rise in my BG was monitored. The #'s would be normal before exercise and just a walk down to my mail box (1/2 block) raises it. If I will be doing any exercise for more than 10 minutes I have to make adjustments with my insulin. If I eat ANYTHING I know I have to check my BG and make and bolus the correction. Carb-free foods effect it in such a small amount that I have to give it time and do a correction.