Looking for new snack ideas!

My daughter is 5 and has had Type 1 for 10 months. We’re looking for some new snack ideas because she’s getting tired of what we’ve been doing. She gets anywhere from 10-15g carb snacks. What are your kiddos favorites?

Also, any great FREE (3g or less) snack ideas?

Can’t wait to see some new ideas! Thanks!


Hey Jennifer!
I’m not a parent; I’m actually a teenager who’s experienced this same struggle many times. Some of my favorite “free” snacks are:
~Sugar-free Jello (tastes exactly the same as regular Jello, but no carbs!)
~Skinny Pop Popcorn (has almost no carbs)
~When I was little my favorite snack was Salami and Cream Cheese Roll-Ups (exactly what they sound like, cream cheese spread on salami and rolled up). You can also do the same thing with ham instead of salami. Sounds weird, but my four-through-eight-year-old self LOVED them.
~Sugar-free lemonade (Crystal Light is my personal fave) is great for a free drink.
I’ll let you know if I think of any more! Best of luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the wonderful suggestions!!! I bet she will LOVE the ham with cream cheese and I hadn’t thought about skinny pop either! She has always been a grazer, so sometimes when she’s hungry, I think more than anything she just has the munchies and skinny pop would allow her the freedom to graze here and there.

If you think of any other snack ideas that you enjoyed in grade-school, please send them my way! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

My 7-year old (who also has autism so he’s picky with a capital P) snacks on cheese sticks, small bags of almonds, occasionally other nuts, turkey lunchmeat and small “peanut butter popsicles” (PB on a spoon - watch the amount because too much and you end up with too many carbs). He won’t do jello. Also, he won’t do the cheese ‘chips’ that are popular right now - but they are carb free. Costco sells some made from parmesan cheese and I think they’re really tasty! Starbucks sells some made of cheddar cheese too.