Flying w/ Medtronic 530G and CGM

Although I’m certain this question has been addressed in the past, does anyone have experience with or advice for traveling through airport security and wearing the Medtronic 530 G and CGM? I’m wondering if it is truly necessary or required to inactivate and/or remove the Sensor link and CGM?


When I took my daughter through security with her insulin pump, we told them that she had it on and they just used the wand rather than putting her in the x-ray. We also had a note from the doctor saying the insulin pump cannot go through the x-ray machine.

I’ve been traveling with my 530G+Enlite for two years. I’ve never unlinked my sensor during travel.

At security I tell them I’m wearing a medical device and they do a pat-down to the side. I keep the sensor on through the seating and fling process. I don’t update time zone information until the second day at my destination if it’s a long trip. For a short trip I don’t change it at all xx cass

technically you are supposed to stop the CGM transmitter and your BG meter’s transmitter once the cabin door has closed… that being said I never have.

I don’t wear my CGM all of the time. I travel quite a bit for work and so to avoid the special line and the special pat down, I let them x-ray my pump even though I don’t have to and even though Medtronic says you are not supposed to. This saves me an average of 30 minutes per security gate. =) I guess I am a “rebel”. I subjected my old pump to the x-ray scanner probably 150 times, this one (530G) has had only about 30 treatments but it is on course to break my old record. so far my pump has not malfunctioned.

Thank you All for your input. I appreciate your time in answering and your experiences help greatly:)

I have found I have to allow plenty of extra time to get through security. I ask to opt out, which means a pat down, and my supplies do not have to be exposed to any X-ray, etc. I have had occurrences when I have to wait 10 minutes just to get an available female TSA agent. And, I have found TSA treats me as a criminal! So, allow extra time and set your pride aside during the process.

I have flown a lot since I first started wearing a pump .At first TSA was not familiar with the device and they even made me take it off ounce and I got so stressed thinking I would miss my flight I threw my pump in the tray with the shoes!! That doesn’t happen now you do need to allow an extra 15 minutes tell them you are wearing the device and you don’t go thru the xray they get a female TSA or male depending on your gender and they par you down they also use some little papers they swipe your fingers with and put those papers thru a machine I think it is explosive material they are checking I haven’t had any issues here or abroad they are just doing their job to try to protect everyone