Fitness and T1D

I started Crossfit prior to diagnosis and have continued since. I am now a trainer and compete in local competitions. I’m currently using the Medtronic pump and CGM system but feel really held back by it. The clip almost immediately broke and now I have to disconnect my pump to workout. Does anyone have experience with other pumps and CGM systems who prioritizes fitness? I’ve seen several people using the omnipod pump and it seems way more convenient.

hi @Scottcb27 Cyrus, have you searched for arm/leg bands such as

(i did not verify the link so use at your caution)

if you want a pod what’s stopping you? YOu can ask insulet for an empty pod and you can stick it to you to try out the feel, for free.

good luck!

Hi Scottcb27 Cyrus,

Indeed, you do good by maintaining that healthy active lifestyle! Diabetes and any associated inconveniences should not prevent you from pursuing your goals.

I personally preferred to stick with the pen injections. Having a CGM attached to my body is more than enough electronic equipment, as fa as I am personally concerned. But everyone has their own preference.

SO I can only speak from a CGM perspective, and I have a Dexcom. I’m quite satisfied with it, and soon the G6 will become available, which is even slimmer than the G4/5. That should help at least a bit with making it more convenient.

Dr. Dennis Van Hood, PhD, CLC

Hi Cyrus. I’m a MiniMed pump user also & very active in the gym, but not quite like you I’m sure with CrossFit! I always have a couple extra clips for when I break one. Maybe where you wear it is the key, I’d try something different along those lines first, but taking it off is totally an option too. Just check sugars before & after; I used to do that playing league tennis. Maybe you just had a weak clip, but I love my MiniMed so I hope it will work out for you

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