Can someone help me?

Hey, Im a very active person that loves swimming, gymnastics and other sports I am going into high School this year and I am very tired of giving myself injections everyday I was thinking of switching to a pump or Omnipod but I’m not sure that its right for me can someone give me some suggestions on what to do and if you think its right for me, I would really appreciate it.

hi @T1DGirl2002,

pumping has been better for me because my daily routine changes so much (meal times, travel, activity levels) and the pump more closely matches my basal requirements. other than that, it’s a bit more work than shots and more stuff and more things can go wrong. Pumps are not automatic so you have to test more when you are pumping.

switching to a pump because you hate shots is as good a reason as any, but they cost more, way more depending on your insurance, and they take a bit more looking after.

all pumps are the same in many ways. if you are committed to switch, pick the one you like, even if it’s only the color. talk to the major manufacturers and get their presentations. some offer sample for you to wear to get the feel of it as well. good luck.

I’ve used an insulin pump for 20 years. I have a rather disruptive lifestyle, no day is the same as the day before. I am active in sports - golf, tennis, gym., etc. The pump allows me to adjust my insulin & help keep my bg somewhat steady. I usually use a dual wave bolus (this gives me an amount of insulin immediately & the remaining insulin over a period of time). This helps me to avoid lows although I always check midway through the activity. A pump does require time & energy & more bg checks. If you have a CGM, that helps a lot. I couldn’t maintain my lifestyle without. I hope this helps.

I love my Medtronic! It’s very exact and makes managing my ever changing schedule and activity level much easier. I do not have as many random lows as I did with the shots. That being said, it cannot be worn in the water (though you can certainly unplug for 30 minutes or so without issue, especially if you are swimming intensively), but I think others, like omnipod, can.

It is more expensive, but way worth it if you can swing it. See if your endo can help you get your insurance, if you have it, to cover most of it. After that it’s really only about 200 bucks every 6 months or so, depending. Good luck!

Hello. I actually just started on the Omnipod yesterday after being on MDI for the last two years. I was on a pump before that but decided to come off.

I’m a personal trainer, yoga instructor and also do a lot of swimming. I went this route due to waterproof and no tubing. I also have a Dexcom G5 to help monitor my blood sugars as well.

The Medtronic 670G is the first FDA approved closed loop system. It has an integrated CGMS which monitors blood sugars and automatically shuts off insulin delivery if your blood sugar is below your target and automatically gives you insulin if your blood sugar is above target. It is also approved for swimming. It will be available spring 2017.