Running out of infusion sites?

Hi there,

I'm new here, but am not new to t1d (40+ years) and am not new to pumping (20+ years).

It seems clear to me in recent months that I need new infusion sites on my body.  Like many with t1d, I'm slim and I don't have big juicy areas just yearning to infuse. 

For most of my pumping years, I've used my abs.  I periodically try the areas "north" of my navel, or my upper butt but I either hit a capillary, muscle or some other pumping gremlin.  WHile I'm not very muscular, my legs seem to have zero infusable areas -- though I hope I'm wrong!  Some site seem AOK while I'm awake and moving around, but not when I sleep and inevitably put pressure on the site.  My basal, especially overnight, seems quite low so I don't trigger occlusion alarms but BG will rise .. and rise so I know I'm not getting my full dose.

For 10+ years, I've been using 90 degree angled sets because I like the insertion aids.  I used to take forEVER to change my site with manual, angled insertion.  My CDE is sugging that I try manual, angled insertion sets again in hopes I can hit "virgin" territory.

I'd love to hear from folks who had similar issues and managed to discover new sites and/or infusion set types to solve the problem.  I also wonder if scarred areas ever heal enough to be used again.



Hey ! I actually have the exact same problem lol ! Im 15 (been diabetic 2 years march 8th ) Seriously i have like no sub cut fat cuz well ive never met a over-weight type 1 IN MY LIFE . Its gettin hard for me to find fatty spots- im always doing my site on my bum but i dont wanna scar. I cant even use my belly if i wanted to cuz i have the scar tissue stuff ( Lipo's i think its called ??? feel free to correct me if im wrong) I been on my pump for roughly 5-6 months.  I use the 90 degree ones aswell - mio brand - i wonder if it matters much bout the cannula length ? i use a 9mm but maybe the less fat you get the more shorter u can go with a cannula ?? Im meant to ring my DNE tomoro so maybe i mite ask her n comment again her suggestion.

- Tobi <3

This is super common, especially around 10 years on the pump.  I was scared to try new infusion sites but now wish I hadn't waited so long.  Once I branched out to my thighs and arms it allowed the sites on my stomach to heal pretty quickly.  

The pump manufacturers used to send infusion site samples, but now you have to get a prescription for them.  So ask your CDE if he/she has samples to try.  Not sure what kind of pump you have, but I like the Minimed Silhouette because they have a serter but work on muscular areas like my thighs.  

Another practical thing you can do is eat low carb.  Having less insulin infused into a spot will allow the skin to heal faster.  And if I go crazy and eat half a pizza I never use my pump to take a large dose.  Anything 10u or over I do by injection so it will absorb faster and not overuse the infusion skin.

Interesting tips, Jenna, thanks.

Hi Tobi,

Yes, the shorter cannula should work better.  I use the shortest ones regardless of the infusion set.

Sweet ! Then i can finally use the pink ones !!!! (15 yr old girl - i lurve the colour pink !) I use the medtronic minimed mio