Feeling like one in a million but not in a good way

I’m a type one with several other health conditions and so far I’ve only found one person with some of the conditions I have but not all. I have hypopituitarism, hypothyroidism, type 1 diabetes, celiacs disease, gastroparesis, arthritis, right labral hip tear, diabetic kidney disease, allergies (as well as some tmi issues that I will leave out). I’m struggling with severe insulin resistance and lots of ups and downs and struggling to get my doctors to listen to me about what I think is going on. My husband lord bless him is trying his best to help advocate for me but it has taken me two years just to get a basic test that I should have had two years ago after my visit to the hospital. Has anyone else here had any experience with these conditions collectively possibly. I know its a long shot for me to find someone with all of it collectively but I thought I would give it a shot. My Endo offers a support group but I don’t really feel like I fit in there she likes to push conferences and things I can’t even dream to afford and there is no real support there we don’t get to share our feelings or if we aren’t coping well or maybe need real support so I’m seeking out an online group to be involved with for some support. Thank you for any input or advice you might have.
I am currently on MDI therapy and use herbs to help mitigate some of the issues I have. I am on other medications as well.

@Wildwonder0740 hi Amanda. I am a mechanic, not a doctor. some diseases are similar if not exactly the same as diabetes: IE an autoimmune attack on necessary body cells. i have the thyroid thing, but thankfully my autoimmune system attack is currently limited to only a few critical functions.

I urge you to see an endo and someone with a lot of experience with autoimmune disorders and wish you luck.

I see an endo I have been for 3 years now as well as several other Doctors now for over a year.

Heyyyy same atm Iv have been t1 diabetic for 14 years now I it’s really getting to me atm like it like having a needy child that needs constant attention 24/7 for the rest of my life like have anxiety about going out and stuff because ppl don’t understand that when Mu blood goes low i need to sit down and eat and drink something and when my blood goes high I get really tired and moody :sleepy: it’s just sooooooooo annoying now