Extremely Fatigued!

I am a T1 and we are almost 15 weeks pregnant. Up until about my 12th week I really had no nausea or fatigue. But since my 12th week I have been extremely fatigued. I can't stand up for too long without being really weak and I have to take Zofran daily or I can barely work. This is frustrating! Has anyone else felt this way? I go to my OBGYN next week and she is going to do another blood count. Maybe this is just how my pregancy will be, I hope not! Thanks!

I felt like this a lot during my first trimester except I had the priveledge of being nauseous all the time too.  It starts to get better by the 2nd trimester.  That's why they call it the honeymoon part of your pregnancy.  I'm currently 26 weeks and getting really close to the third trimester.  I'm starting to feel really fatigued again, sleep is becoming a thing of the past, and to add insult to injury, the aches and pains are starting to come around.  Apparently, this is all normal.  I will say that the more tightly controlled your blood sugars are, the better you will feel throughout your pregnancy.  It's very hard to do and can sometimes feel like a full time job but it's so important to really be on top of those BSL's.  My suggestion for your situation might be to rest as much as possible, know that it's only temporary, eat lots of proteins for energy, as they may help with anemia.  You could be iron deficient, so talk to your doctor about an iron supplement in addition to your prenatal vitamin.  This could be why you're so weak all the time.  Try and avoid carbs because they can make you feel even more sluggish.  And please, if you feel the need.... have your cup of coffee in the morning.  They say caffeine is a no-no, but you're allowed up to 3 cups of coffee per day (my dr. said this).  I was floored by this info.  Who drinks 3 cups of coffee a day?  Sometimes, you just need the jolt.  Keep your head up, your whole pregnancy won't be all uncomfortable.  Each day is different.

Has your DR done test to check your iron and thyroid? What are your sugars when you can't stand? What is your A1c?

Do you have low blood pressure? I have orthostatic hypotension and i am also anemic. I used to pass out when i stood up, and i would always feel nauseous if i stood up for too long. Since I am trying to prepare for pregnancy, my docs cannot put me on an ace inhibitor, so i drink coffee in the morning so i don't feel weak - that helps with the low blood pressure. and i also try to drink alot of water. my nephrologist just put me on sodium chloride tabs (salt supplements) to help with the low blood pressure. for the anemia, i switched from a tablet form of iron supplement to a liquid form called Floradix, which has definitely helped since the tablet form is hard to absorb. Have you had any bloodwork recently to check these things?