Always Tired

Even though I get a decent amount of sleep, I find myself always tired. At first I thought it was because of my BG, but even when it is fine, I feel so tired and lethargic. I was wondering if anyone else feels this way, and if they have any explanations or suggestions about what I should do. Thanks!

Has your doctor checked your thyroid lately?  Thyroid problems are pretty common for diabetics and can cause tiredness, coldness, hair loss, slow metabolism.  

Any chance you're pregnant?  That makes your super tired too.

Another possibility may be the season.  This time of year is kind of cold and dreary.  When you're struggling with tiredness make sure to eat extra healthy (including lots of protein) and take a walk or get some kind of exercise every day, even if you feel tired.  

Hope you find something that helps.  Take care.

wow, i didn't even consider the possibility of a thyroid problem! thanks, i'll make sure to ask my doctors about it at my next appointment. from the symptoms you listed, it seems like a definite probability. do you know any other symptoms of it? i also have trouble focusing and have been feeling down lately.

haha, i'm definitely not pregnant (I'm only 16), but thanks for giving another possible reason though.

thanks for all your information! :)

Also, have you had your hemoglobin checked? You may be anemic for a variety of reasons and that can cause fatigue also.


During last fall/winter, I constantly felt tired and I kept getting colds (I think I had four in November). I also began feeling depressed in December and January, even though I didn't have a history of depression. I went to my doctor and she didn't think that anything was wrong, but she ran some blood tests just to make sure, since I was so tired even with plenty of sleep. It turned out that I had mono, which explained the constant fatigue, mild depression, and frequent colds/sore throat. If you haven't had mono, that is also a definite possibility. Good luck and hope you figure out what's wrong!

Have you been checked for sleep apnea?  This isn't at all related to diabetes, but it is a fairly common condition.  The tissue around your windpipe relaxes and settles while you sleep, cutting off breathing to some degree and reducing your blood oxygen.  Chronic fatigue is the most common symptom.  You can feel tired no matter how long you sleep.  I wasn't feeling tired when I was diagnosed with it, so I was surprised to find that I had quite a severe case.