Hey all, wondering if any of you have advice on exercising while pregnant. I'm 7 weeks and exercising with the fatigue, nausea and summer heat has been very challenging. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with these factors? Up until about a week ago, I've been regularly running, biking and/or swimming 3-5 times a week. Now I'm finding it more difficult, but want to remain active.



Hey Annie-

Everyone is different, but I had to give up exercise until the first trimester exhaustion had passed.  In the second trimester my energy came back.  

For now treat yourself gently.  Get lots of extra sleep.  Only work out if you feel up to it.  You probably just feel kind of bloated, but your body is preparing for big changes.  You'll start to feel better in another month or so.

Take care.



I have to agree with Jenna. The first trimester is really difficult with the fatigue and nausea. I experienced really bad morning sickness from week 8-19. But, I found that walking a little bit like 15-20minutes really helped me to feel a little better.

When you are about to hit your 3 month mark you will notice an influx of energy out of no where and it's wonderful!!! I felt great as soon as I got into second trimester and for the duration of my pregnancy! Just listen to your body it will tell you what you can handle.

Before you know it you will be telling us how you reorganized your entire house and cleaned it 30 times per day lolol

Hope this helps!


I agree with both women. I am almost through my second pregnancy (first without T1, second with) and have found that exhaustion is just part of the first trimester - no matter what else is on your plate. I was a 1/2 marathon runner before pregnancy and thought "it won't phase me" but I had to give up most workouts in the first 3 months both times. Second trimester should change everything - just hang in there.

Until then, find some more low-key things to do. Walk, yoga, low-impact water aerobics, even just stretching some days. It will get better.

When you do get your energy back - I noticed I have to eat more than the normal carb replacement recommendations when I work out b/c the baby sucks up a lot more of that than I anticipated. Everyone is different, just keep in mind babies eat up more than you normally burn off.

Hang in there!


I also agree, I've taken my dog for walks my entire pregnancy but even though I did cardio, weight training and yoga prior to pregnancy all that had to wait until the second trimester. I've picked yoga back up a couple times a week but I still find that I tire VERY easily and lots of activities are much more difficult than before! Exercise also makes me drop without notice so make sure to check yourself extra when you're done!