Donating Supplies

Hi, I joined the forum to inquire about donating diabetic supplies. I have several boxes of Dexcom G6 sensors, as well as G5 and G6 receivers. I also have One Touch test strips, and other testing supplies. Does anyone know how I could go about donating these items?

I also have insulin pens. I understand that this cannot be transferred to an individual. Does anyone know of a way to donate it?

I have thousands of dollars of these supplies, and I hate to throw it all away.

kind regards,

@pegasus444 hello Dee and welcome to Type One Nation and the forum.

That’s really nice of you. There are many ways to donate supplies so I did a forum search and you can click here to access the information

or here

so you can see the replies and find one you like.

Hope to see you around!


I will gladly pay shipping for any G6 supplies please

I would greatly take the one touch strips if possible!!

Dexcom G5 and sensors available. Email