DOC Awards!

If you're a reader of diabetes blogs (or if you're not - this is a great way to find some of the best ones out there), cast your vote in the 2010 DOC Awards!  These awards are voted on by us, the diabetes online community (DOC).  You can find the list of nominees, and the voting polls, here:  Voting is open through the end of December, and the awards will be announced in January.

(And, I realize this post is a little self-serving - I was nominated in the "Most Creative" category!  But seriously, you should vote.)  :)


You always beat me to the punch hahaha! I was nominated for Best Blog Design!!

:D  Speedy McQuickerson; that's me.  Congrats to you for your nomination!!

I've just started to find diabetes related blogs.  I can't tell you how much they've helped me!  Princessandthepump always brings a tear to my eye.. and sixuntilme is very inspiring.  Thanks for the list!  I'm going to check them out!  And of course I'll vote for you two :-)