Do You Intentionally Skip Your Shots?

We ran an article this morning on Diabetes News Hound that claims as many as 1 in 5 diabetics intentionally skip taking their shots on a regular basis. And, it said up to 50% of diabetics miss shots from time to time. Check it out here: One in Five Diabetics Intentionally Skipping Shots Frequently

I thought it was an interesting topic and I'm curious if anyone here misses shots and if so, why?

I used to before I got the pump.  During middle school, I wanted to be like everyone else, and decided to skip shots.  Eventually, I began giving shots regularly again and I have the pump for almost 4 years now.

I intentionally skip my shots on Saturday mornings.  On Saturdays I get up early and go to dance class for 5 hours and if I give insulin in the morning, I go waaaaaay low and then I can't dance at all.  But other than that, I usually give shots when I'm supposed to.

Yea, I've not taken shots or as much in the context of I've either worked out, or I know that I can't eat.  I've never skipped a shot because I was embarrassed or just didn't feel like it.  Health is much more important that any reason that I could possibly think of to intentionally skip a shot.  My worse problem is forgetting to take my shot, then not being able to eat.  That situations really sucks! ):

I've never skipped one intentionally - although I have forgotten on accident a handful of times.  The crappy, awful feeling of a super-high BG is not worth any reason for skipping, in my opinion.

It is kind of like driving a car w/o a seatbelt on the freeway. Do it enough and you will pay for it. 

Forgetting, we all have.