Do you have to have phone near you with Tandem/Dexcom?

Does Dexcom directly send readings to Tandem pump so that you don’t have to have a phone/receiver within 20ft, or do you always have to have a phone/receiver within 20ft? This is the only question I didn’t ask when evaluating whether to switch from Medtronic to Tandem. Thanks!

@alovelac, a phone Is not NOT needed.

You tandem pump becomes the reader. I used the pump, with G6 and CIQ for six months before getting a compatible phone.

Thank you! Don’t want to be tied down more than I have to be :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using my Tandem control IQ about 9 months and have never connected it to my phone. I have to charge my phone too often.

I’m sharing this experience as a side note to the original questing: my phone started acting up recently - mostly done minor annoyances that were asked by turning it off and back on. But day before yesterday my battery merit dropping rapidly even though I would recharge. Might be user error and I’m not asking input on that. I just wanted to say - for those who take injections and use your phone as the receiver, don’t forget to plug in your handheld for a charge now and then. If something happens to your phone is reassuring to know you won’t have to wait for charging time - one less thing to worry about.

Just as a note I do have my phone linked to my tandem pump, not directly to dexcom. Due to work safety issues I often am more than 20 ft from phone and it just disconnects when I get to far and reconnects when I get back in range. I like the t-connect dashboard screen. I do believe that it does significantly add to battery usage but for me it is worth the trade off. I was a medtronic 670g user and I really like the dexcom sensor but man the loading process of the tandem is so much slower. My endo has asked that I connect to the app at least every couple of days so that he can keep an eye on my data.

I use Tandem’s TCONNECT on my phone as well. I never had the desire to use my phone for my readings - just my pump - but I was sharing data while working on some adjustments and I ended up liking not needing to do uploads. So I’ve moved into the 21st century and tend to reach for my phone to check my digits. When I loaded the app it did say it was not approved for treatment decisions or something along those lines - but I do like the convenience.
Regarding the load process, it’s my understanding that you should not pre-load cartridges to use later. But check with your medical team to see if you can draw up the syringes in advance - in that case you might just need to check for air bubbles before filling your cartridge. I’ve found @Dennis to be extremely knowledgeable in a number of topics. He is not a medical professional but I find he’s done lots of research so if he had something to contribute I defer to him.
In any case, like most things the load process and your part in it will speed up with practice.

With regards to the loading process, I am referring to the time required for actual filling of the tubing, filling the canula, and recognition of the newly loaded cartridge. The filling of the cartridge doesn’t bother me at all. I actually use the dashboard to see when I started my sensor, As I haven’t found that info on the pump. I also keep track of last calibration on it. I know how to find this but its easier on app.

Gotcha. The only time I think about Medtronic’s load process is when someone on the forum mentions it - then I do recall the little adapter that went from the bottle to the cartridge, but I’m so used to filing Tandem now I don’t compare any more. Hopefully you’ll get used to it in time.

Thanks to everyone for your input! I just switched to Tandem/Dexcom this month from Medtronic. I’ve experienced phone app issues with range, etc., but minor inconvenience for utility. So far I’m liking experience, although I’ve had some issues with Dexcom, but for the most part it is accurate.