Do amusement parks affect pumps?

I have been diabetic for over 10 years and ive had my minimed pump for 7 and ive been to tons of amusement parks with my pump on and nothing bad has ever happened to me. ( thank god). Ive allways just clipped it to my back pocket and sat on it while on the rides so that it wouldn't fall off and now im hearing that bringing a pump to an amusement park is bad because of the magnatism from the rollar coasters. Now i'm starting to wonder if i should leave my pump at home for the next theme park vacation.

Has anyone had there pump malfunction or break because they took it too a n amusement park??

I just spent a week at Disney World and related theme parks. My pump got wet, got sat on, sat in 90+ degree heat on my body, got sweaty, and all around beat up. Nothing happened to it, and it worked like it was supposed to the entire time.

I would say you have nothing to worry about. If it can survive airports and airplanes and other such places, I can't imagine an amusement park hurting it either.

I have a friend who spent the night in the er after her pump went crazy and gave her all the insulin in it on a roller coaster. I think minimed has fixed that particular problem, but the magnets in mris and in rocket style rides are similar, and I could imagine them being bad for pumps. I’ve never had a problem, though.

I have never had a problem with rides at Disney. The only thing I found is that sometimes I would go low after a ride with big drops. I believe that the force of gravity can force a bit of extra insulin into your system. I would simply suspend my pump and disconnect it on the ride. No problems.


I'm always hesitant to bring it on roller coasters, because I dont want it to fall off at all on the ride!