Amusement park rides and the pump

Good afternoon all!  I was looking for input on pumps at the amusement park.  We've been several times already and Jeremy (6) has always kept it on.  Today he wants to  ride a pretty rough roller coaster and I just wonder if we should take it off for riding?   Any input appreciated!! Thanks, have a great day:)

I am an amusement park junky and ride anything I can. I have never taken my pump off. I usually just tuck it into my pocket and so far no issues and it has been 10 years doing it this way. Good luck and let us know how things turn out.

I was told you are suppose to take them off.  But, I have never tried it yet either.

Well we made it all afternoon an didn't take it off.  The only problem might of been the next morning he had lots of blood in the canula?   Thanks for your input,  we plan to keep going and just wearing it.  So far so good :)

Our endocrinologist (also a t1) told us to disconnect for rough rides or ones that have centrifical force for concerns of extra insulin getting pushed out....???  My son is only 5 so he's not doing roller coasters yet, but we disconnect for most activities anyhow.