DMC: Diabetic Morse Code

I was just thinking (as I sit here counting the vibrations buzzing in my pocket to conclude its a reminder-alarm for the temp basal I have set this afternoon) how people (not even just diabetics, but those around them as well) adapt so well to diabetes, almost like an environment.

Mainly, I've learned a sort of Diabetic Morse Code with my pump where I can count the number of vibrations and conclude what alarm is going off, and if its just a reminder or something I need to 'clear.'

It makes me laugh a little bit that its practically a skill. Like 3 vibrations is a post-2-hour-bg reminder. 1 vibration signals the end of a bolus. I'm just curious if anyone else has developed a (lol) DMC: Diabetic Morse Code.

yea me too i can do that to.

yeah i'm the same way and even my bf is getting to learn the vibrations and the beeps. but i do think it's funny how we learn and adapot to the alarms and vibrations.


My family cracks up when I blame the pump alarms on someone else, ie "Hey, your pump is going off. Dad, can you make him/her turn it off??" I pull that one on my siblings all the time. They just smile and laugh -- how silly