District Board policy medication

#6 Emergency glucagon kits MAY NOT be administered by school personnel.


Yeah that is what it says in the 2010-2011 handbook from the school. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO angry right now and am about ready to get a lawyer.

from the ADA.


• The Colorado Code of Regulations, Department of Regulatory Agencies, Board of
Nursing ("3 CCR 716-1") at Chapter XIII, Section 8 states that:
o unlicensed school staff may:
administer insulin via syringe, pen, or pump
administer glucagon
administer correction doses or boluses based on carbohydrate counting
and/or blood glucose levels
verify carbohydrate counting and/or insulin doses for a student who selfadministers
o an Individualized Health Plan (IHP) shall be developed for any student receiving
insulin at school, and may include:
Carbohydrate counting
Glucose testing
Activation or suspension of an insulin pump
Emergency protocols related to glucagon administration


I called them for legal help but their offices are closed. I will be calling first thing in the morning.

Jessica, I think that u have every right to get a lawyer, when I was in school, my mom trained the teachers I had each year.

I am so angry they added that in this year. I really shouldnt be on any board right now because of the words that want to by typed from my finger tips. I know that was added in because of me. I am sure the nurse I have to deal with told them too. I wont even talk to any of them about it I am going straight to the top and a lawsuit against the district to get that woman fired and their "policies" changed to obey state and federal laws.

Way to go Jessica!  I am glad you know your rights and you are willing to fight for them.  I am very proud of you!

I am contacting the ada legal department tomorrow to make sure I am in the right. I know the closest jdrf chapter here has a t-1 dad who has his own law firm and does probono (sp?) work for this kind of stuff often. Tho most of the time all it takes is a letter or phone call from him to get it worked out. Or at least that is what I was told last year when this nurse gave me crud about this. I didnt have it in me to fight then cause I was dealing with grand mal seizures with my son but this year my claws and fangs are out. I am sure this will make a pretty story for our local media as well :)

You go, Jessica! No one should have to put up with as much **** as the school has put you (and your daughter) through. We're all gunning for you!

Sad thing is Ri isnt the only t-1 at this school or by far in this district. There are 4 or 5 others at our school alone!

They will need to hire someone that can follow their legal procedures. It seems to me they will be breaking the ADA if they don't. A nurse in every class with a Type 1 student. 

Well i called the ada they asked me some questions and emailed me a form to fill out and return to them which i did. Now i wait for a phone call from them.

I usually am not a big fan of "calling a lawyer," but, in this case, DO IT!! I'm glad you're getting help. That's ridiculous that you have to go through that!

I am not a big fan of it at all but I want her rights protected and not just hers but all the T-1's in the district. Its scary how this nurse is.

This is completely insane.  Please keep posting. (And fighting the good fight.)

I will Angie to both and thanks.

Ok I got ahold of the ADA legal advocacy program over a week ago and they called me back twice I finally had time to get back to them AND...... Guess what??? Yeah the disrict is breaking the law right now with that in their handbook. If the nurse refuses to train lay people on how to give the glucagon the district HAS to provide some one either to train staff or provide someone there full time that knows how to do so if a parent requests them to do so.


Not only am I going to make them do it for my daughter they will reprint every handbook or at least revise that page and send it to every parent in the district notifying them that if they request it it will be provided at their school.


Now the fun part I am sending a email to the super, the nurse, the new principle (who I have not even talked to about this yet) and if we have a 504 coordinator them too. I wont be sending it until Tuesday tho cause I am trying to get a subbing position at the school and want that before I start this.


SO YAY for knowing for sure from a legal department that yes they do have to do this.