Diabetic outreach program

Hey everyone!
Im currently trying to set up a program to set up experienced diabetics to help support newly diagnosed or people struggling with these disease. We all know how hard managing type 1 diabetes everyday and I truly believe just having someone out there that listens to you is so beneficial. If anyone is interested in being the participant where you or someone you know wants help or the “sponsor” email me at sadt1diabeticsclub@gmail.com for way more information or if you have questions!


Hi Paige @pelycia that sounds like a good idea, and very ambitious. It could be very helpful - let me know if you get any interest.

In the 1950’s when I was diagnosed I may have been the only person living in our town with diabetes and there certainly was very little written about diabetes that I could read, it wasn’t until I was in my mid 30’s that I found anyone with whom I could talk to who had diabetes.

our very own JDRF runs an Online Diabetes Support Team
more information and resources here

To ask for help you can go directly here