Diabetic Gastroparesis

After 64 yrs of T1 I have added Diabetic Gastroparesis to list of my complications. Symptoms went on for about a year. My wife & I conjectured on causes of each individual symptom. One day it popped into my head that all the symptoms were part of a whole. I knew immediately that it was the big complication affecting digestion. I have found a lot of relief in modified diet. Looking on internet is hit or miss. There are cookbooks for condition. I have Sept 9 appt with Diabetes Dietician. In meantime looking for cookbook or other resources if anyone has any to suggest. Thank you.

I think I may also be struggling with this. My digestion is extremely slow and I get “backed up” very easily. For a while I was eating a very high fiber diet to get things moving, and then read that if you have gastroparesis then you actually want to be eating very low fiber. I was also not drinking water with meals in order to give my stomach acid a chance to get things going. Then I read that if you have gastroparesis you should be drinking with meals! I would love some feedback from anybody who has dealt with this successfully.

Jess, You are absolutely correct. Your symptoms could be diabetic gastroparesis. Check with your Dr. If that’s the case you are correct about drinking lots of water with meals & avoiding high fiber foods. Good luck in dealing with this. Going to small meals 6-7 times a day has helped a great deal. Again, check with your care provider.

Here is what worked for me — so well that it seems to have trained my system, do I don’t need to use it. I used Full Spectrum Enzymes from Mercola ---- I only used them after a full meal, so never for breakfast or lunch. The other one is Aloe Vera juice — there are several options at the Vitamin Shoppe – I got the ones in glass bottles, for obvious reasons, and drank a jigger in the morning. ( I have a full bottle, untouched for several months now :>)
The problem was fairly serious — I would eat a meal, cover it appropriately with fast acting Novolog ---- and my glucose reading go waaaaaay down – because the food it was supposed to cover was not being digested. So I would compensate for the low sugar — with apple juice boxes usually, since I knew exactly how many carbs that was. THEN ---- my sugar would go waaaaaay up, as the food as finally digested. My doctor even gave me meds to speed digestion— which I never used . So enzymes and aloe juice helped me… I don’t know if it would work for everybody. In any case — good luck!