STRUGGLING with Gatroparesis

Hello my name is Anson. I am a 27 yr old t1! i was diagnosed @ age 4 established in 1988!  Ive been having problems with my diabetes since my teens, & in 2007 was told i was suffering from Gastroparesis. Due to continued hospitalization I was layed off from my job in 2009 & 4 the last 3 yrs have been in the hospital monthly dealing with my Gastro... problem! If any one knows any thang that could help me in anyway your comments would be greatly aprreciated! I AM SURVIVING THE DIABETES and plan on tackling this also, although you can imagine that the dr.'s arent being much help!

Hi Anson.  My name is Dawn and I know exactly what you are going through.  Back in 2007 and 2008 I ended up in the hospital on a monthly basis and in ICU twice.  They were unsure if it was Gastroparesis or Pancreatis.  I was living in KY at the time but am originally from Boston , MA where it is the Medical Mecca of the USA.  after the 8th time of ending up in the Hospital and puking blood and bile so much that they put me intoo the ICU for 7 weeks... My mom insisted I come home (36 at the time) and I went to Joslin Clinic and they finally removed my Gall bladder and it miraculously went away.  The Dx'd me with pancreatitis, but said it presents itself as gastroparesis.  I still get some nausea from time to time, but stay away from fried greasy foods and after the surgery.. it really hasn't bothered me.  Good Luck and make sure you see a Gastroentologist and if you live in/ near the Boston area, I can recommend a great Doctor!!

thanks Dawn... i am going 2 due sum investigations on pancreatitis.... & unfortunately 4 me i live in Texas. In 3 yrs nan one of my doctors have mentioned ( pancreatitis) Only thing they talk about is sum Gastric Pacemaker! Which I've only found @ 1 place in my state.... M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Not sure how i'm suppose 2 get an appointment with a Cancer only hospital/

call them, tell them your situation and ask for info!

Hi! Just like to know if you're taking any medication for your Gastroparesis? in 2011, i was diagnosed with Gastroparesis my Endo did not gave me any additional but just advise that I continue taking Domperidone.

My gastroenterologist (sp?)  suspects that I may have gastroparesis, but I still have to get another test done to confirm it. He said that if it was gastroparesis, that I would take medicine for it, and switch from 3 normal-sized meals a day to 6 small meals a day. Maybe you could try the smaller meals?

Hello Anson. I, too have gastroparesis and have had alot of struggle with it as well.  The diets I've been put on is not at all like what I thought I should eat as a diabetic.  However, I went to a Gastroparesis and diabetes education class and was given a few articles of what to do and what not to do. I began just last week eating things like Cream of Wheat, baby food (yes, I said it!), icecream, broths, yogurts and smoothies. My gastroparesis hasn';t bothered me at all!  And as long as I count my carbs my BG numbers have been great! I have usually run between 260 - 600+. Lately I am running 127-300.  This is a breakthru for me.  If you are interested in the info I received please let me kinow and we can figure out a way to get this info to you.