Ok, I'll start... What kinds of problems are you having?

I have been diagnosed with gastroparesis and diabetic diarrhea... it ai't pretty folks...Last year I had a feeding tube for 3 months to give my digestive tract a chance to heal and so far, that has worked, I am off most of the meds.

How are you all doing?


Well first, I want to say My prayers are with you and yours, I know you are a Trooper! Hang in there! I personally haven't had any physical/medical problems but I have done my best to prevent what I can. But life is good, one day at a time you know! :)

we delt with gastroparesis for a while.  tired some medication...didn't really seem to help.  then it sort of went away..hhhmmmm??  he has several other complications.  the worst is that it's just been a long time and as more damage is done, it seems to change everything...like the digestive issues...really messed with BG's cuz it was taking longer for food to digest...so he would really low and then really high/.. it was so annoying....

I'm really sorry!! My hope and prayers are with you. My diabetes has caused me to loose alot of weight. I can't gain it back either. I mean I eat anything and everything I want and still can't gain any weight! While I'm sitting here cramming my face with cheeseburgers my friends are eating salads and drinking water. lol. I'm really scared. I don't know what I should do.

I am doing super... 51 1/2 years T1 and still no complications!

I am in the joslin/harvard 50 year study.... was there 8 weeks ago for testing..

they really wanted my DNA and I got a call back... seems out of about 300 of us 10 are producing a little insulin!!

I am one of them...

The study will help them find a way to less required insulin treatment for all diabetics and hopefully one day the cure so no

more kids will have to live this life this long with Juvenile Diabetes!!

My dream :)

Brittany:  RUN do not walk to your Doctor ....weight loss is sometimes caused by your blood sugars being out of control ....THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT!


Have you had your thyroid checked? I recenttly found myself  in your same situation , apparently diabetes and thyroid issues go together . Anyway my thyroid is overactive so even though I was eating I was still dropping weight. I would have it tested.

Hope this helps.

Brittany, I completely agree with Christina - get your thyroid checked!  It,s a simple blood test, but it could answer a lot of questions!

The last time I went to my doctor they did blood work and everything came back normal. I have managed to put on some weight though so YAY!!! Thanks everyone!


Yay, lil dia-buddy!!!

Lol! I guess everything is going fine. lol. Anyone else have any problems they want to talk about? Were all ears! lol.

Actually I was wondering if anyone else had a an overactive thyroid associated with diabetes and also if anyone had i guess what they refer to as dermopathy . I have what looks like a darkening of the skin around my ankles and top of my feet.  Oh and also I have been experiencing some nerve pain in my feet my endo wants me to go on Cymbalta has anyone taken this and if anyone has tried Neuragen for this problem. I'm not keen on taking an antidepressant although I can't say I sould not use a mood lifter. Sorry I knoe alot of questions but sometime I feel like the only people who understand are the ones who have to fight this disease with me . Thanks for anyone's input.

Brittany... they usually do a scan of the thyroid to see if there is an issue...did youe dr mention that?

hang in there flower :)

I went back recently and they did one. Everything checked out normal. :)

That's good news, Lil' D-B!  It's always safer to be sure, right?

BTW, today is Chello's first birthday!  I have yet to make her party hat though!

i hope u are okay, and doing good.  i havent had anything as bad as that but i am having an extremly  hard time keeping my blood glucose and check. i hav been hospitallized in the past year, and seem to get hospitalized at least once a year since i started high school.. i am trying my hardest but i always seem to screw up some how.

[quote user="Nads"]

That's good news, Lil' D-B!  It's always safer to be sure, right?

BTW, today is Chello's first birthday!  I have yet to make her party hat though!


Yeah lol! Everything is pretty good (for now).

Happy Birthday Chello! I know I'm a little late! lol


That is awsome! You are so blessed I am so happy for you :]

Yesterday (Saturday December,7) I have been low all day long except for the morning. (Morning BG:339) Then I tested at lunch and I was 74.  Then at 5:28 pm, I was feeling low and I was 61. I had to retest to make sure my Blood sugar was going up and then I was 97 (at 6:24 pm.) At dinner I was 67 (at 6:51pm.) I retested at 8:27 pm and I was 78. I retested 30 minutes after 8:27 (8:56pm) and I was 58. Then 15 minutes later, I retested and I was 66. And then before bed, I retested and I was 89 and then I had my Lantus and went to bed. This morning (Sunday December,8) I was 76 at 8:30am. What is going on!?!? please give me advice!

DJ Landschoot

Diabetic since July,23,2012

Hi, I’m new to this site and looking for some guidance, my names Alex, or Ally and I’m 25. I’m looking for tips, advice and any sort of guidance on how to deal with gastroperesis. I’ve been diabetic for 18 years and was recently diagnosed with gastroperesis after a tough four year battle with hospital admissions for constant vomiting and agonising abdominal pain, for ages the Drs tried palming me off saying it was a bacterial overgrowth in my stomach bit now they’ve have said that autonomic neuropathy has caused gastroperesis ( autonomic neuropathy is when your nerves are damaged, caused through rubbish diabetes control)
I’ve had about 6 admissions to hospital since may this year and really struggling. Luckily my Blood sugars are reasonably stable at the moment. I also have chronic kidney desease - stage four and am waiting to go on the transplant list which I have only recently been diagnosed with also, I’m hard to get blood from because I’ve had that any aids ions my veins have all collapsed and the last three times I’ve been in hospital I’ve had to have a direct central line through the main vein in my neck which is rather unpleasant and stitched in because it’s a larger tube than they canulate with.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I feel very helpless at the moment,

Sorry to go on a bit

Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to read and comment

Ally :slight_smile: x