Diabetic Celebrities

So my Jonas Brothers obsessed friends post about Nick Jonas's D-anniversary got me thinking. 

Do you think celebrities take care of their own Diabetes or do you think they have assistants or other people do most the work? 

i don't know what to think about it , I can see other people getting their meters and shots or doses ready but then again it's important to take charge of it.


What are your thoughts?

I'm sure most (all?) celebrities manage it mainly on their own.  I think a lot of the celebrities with diabetes had it before they even became famous, so it would make sense for them to manage their own disease.  Sure, I'm sure they have help from their doctors and family, but I know that if I were a celebrity, I wouldn't trust just anyone to take care of it for me...it's my life.

I'm with Katie, I bet they do it themselves.  Although, they might have some pretty awesome supports we don't... Like perhaps a personal chef who has guidelines for their meals and can tell them exactly how many carbs are on their plate?  That seems like something a big celebrity with D might do.  Hell, if I were filthy rich, I'd hire a personal chef and have them count the carbs for me!  I hate counting carbs!  :)

I don’t know if diabetes is something that can be managed by other people, except in the case of those (ie. young children) who absolutely can’t do it themselves. There has to be some level of autonomy with it for effective treatment. My numbers are most out-of-control when others have control, like when I’ve been in hospital for surgery. And would anyone really want someone hanging over their shoulder questioning their numbers or counting their food? I don’t care how rich you are, nobody likes the D-police!