Diabetes Police

Every onCe in a while I go to youtube to watch - My Life  As A Pin Cushion; The Diabetes  Police.   I wish well meaning people would just stop and think before they say things. It's hurtful. I don't need to hear  from people who don't have this in their lives,but want to lecture me and list to my face every danger possible. Is there a way to kindly let them know they are not helping?

Hahahaha it's awful because these people are SO annoying and make you feel like can't take care of yourself, but when layed out like that, it's hilarious.

I mean.. it's not ACTUALLY hilarious, but his video and his way of looking at it all is pretty funny.

I think we have to.. be patient just like he suggests.  It's hard because we are already going through such hard things, why would WE have to be patient with ignorance when we already deal with so much.  Well.. we have to educate people because if noone was educated, imagine how many ignorant Misinformed Matthews there would be!

This is pretty funny.  And true.  But I think he's absolutely right that the first two are just trying to help.  Most people don't know jack about diabetes and why should they?  How much do we know about epilipsy or autism or Crohn's Disease or Schizophrenia or asthma ...  How many of you think Schizophrenia has to do with multiple personalities?  How much did we know about it a year before we were diagnosed?

I give this video 5 stars! *****