Diabetes Awareness Day at School

Hey Everyone. After all the trouble I had with Chasey's school at the beginning of the year I wanted to share some encouraging news with you.

I mentioned to our principle that November 14th is diabetes awareness day and she showed an interest in doing something at school to reconize it. Keep in mind we are a very small school and we are only grade k-5 but this is a step in the right direction. We are out of school for the actual day since it is Sunday and we on vacation just prior to that due to Remberance day so she decided to do something on the 8th. The principle is going to encourage everyone to wear blue and speak about the event leading up to the Monday, as well as speak about diabetes at the assembly on the day of. 

She is also wanting to show a short video to help the younger kids understand. I suggested the big blue test video that someone else had mentioned on here the other day. It's short, catchy and supports a good cause.

Some times the people around you don't even know that they want to be involved, it just took a little push to help the school see that there is lots that they can do to support Chasey. I am so excited to see how this turns out. Is anyone else's school doing something to support the cause?