Heyy,,Okayy so i just got told tonight (tuesday night) that i am wanted to speak at a k-5 school about diabetes.JDRF always goes there every year to talk to the kids about diabetes well i wanted to go and listen but now i have got talked in to speaking lol..There is a little boy in 5th grade who just got it in decmenber also speaking and we are both really nervous even though its little kids lol..I am not sure what all i should say in this speach but i have started some but i need some more help before wednesday night please!?!?!?!?

Hope this is not too late. Keep it simple. Tell them about the organ in your body called the pancreas and that it makes medicine that helps you feel normal. If you have a pump they would be all in that.  you can describe that you have to take shots so that you don't get sick. Tell them that most people think you can't eat sugar, but you get to when you are feeling sick (sometimes) Tell them about what it means when your BG is high and low and how theirs stays just about 100 all day. Hope some of this helps

Hi Amanda -

I think Beth hit it right on the head.  Just be honest with them and explain Diabetes from your own experience.  I think I would also let them know that Diabetes does not mean you are different - just special!  :-)  I think this is a great thing you are doing as well.  I would love the opportunity to speak to kids at my daughter's school one day, but she's only three at this point so I have to wait a bit longer...  lol

You will do great!!!


Thank you all!! i have done wrote it i will post later i just wrotee how i felt when i got it and how life is now and how bad we all want a cure =)