No Type 1 month recognition at schools


It would be nice to have a diabetes moth at school. Most don’t even know the difference between type 1 and 2. Like this month my son’s school has a recognition month for breast cancer awareness, LGBT, autism, heart and not a single word about Type 1. We need recognition in schools for diabetes awareness month on a nationwide level.
November 14 is diabetes day. Nothing about diabetes awareness month in schools.

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as a 14 year old with type 1 diabetes. I have a lot of passion to want to make it known and have it recognized. so i made a huge deal about it at my school this year. i got together with a big group in my school and their president of it. made many posters, put facts and and info about it. put them on all the lockers and all around the school. I made it KNOWN. made a day for people to wear blue. and set up a local walk to spread awareness. It takes a drive to make something happen. and i made it happen and i will make it happen every year i am there and hopefully spread it for the others to do it too. I am very proud of myself and im excited for the future.


That’s so awesome! I hope it becomes an annual event after graduation. Every person should know the signs for this especially when diabetes is one of the most common conditions that affects Americans. #movement

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Well done! You deserve to be very proud. Congratulations!

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Aw thank you so much!

Great idea! Would help eliminate confusion as to what it is, isn’t, and possibly get people diagnosed without DKAs!

My school this month actually does have a diabetes recognition, and the money they raise goes to a diabetes fundrasiar!


Found this on facebook

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Hey! i just wanted to say that i’m really proud of you for putting yourself out there to organize something like that at your school. i always wanted to but never found the courage to bring it forth myself.

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you have no idea how much that meant to me, what you said made my day. I received a lot of criticism actually at my school for doing it. But Many were proud of me and that is what kept me going was courage and faith. I believe you can, no matter what happens it is worth trying.