Diabetes Apps


I’ve been a diabetic for 6 years now, and I’ve struggled to find good applications for diabetes on the phone. I’m preparing to go off to college, and I really want to be prepared. Does anyone have any good recommendations for any apps?

I like MySugr. It helps you log information (BG, insulin doses, carb intake, exercise and more). It’s like a logbook on steroids.

I love PredictBGL. It’s like MySugr on steroids.

I like carbcounter-myfitnesspal and yes it is an app it helps me to know the carbs i ate and most of the time i found difficult to know the carbs of the foods i ate. later when i came to know about this app it helps me alot to search everykind of food and drinks etc.

beyond type 1 is another social media forum for diabetes !!!

I use MySugr and Beyond Type One! MySugr is a logbook and Beyond Type One is like Twitter for type one diabetics hahah