Which Pump?

Don't really have a good answer but I went on Medtronic's MiniMed about last April & started on the CGM in July. I've been at this for 43 years --most of that time on 4 shots/day -- I had used the Medijector insulin injector for years but I guess it's obsolete like me.  I kind of wish now I had tried the pump sooner but I was a little apprehensive about changing methods. The Medtronics people are great to help out on any problems with just a phone call. I think I have all my basals pretty much figured out but will have to adjust come spring time & farmer season!!
 The first few sensors seemed a bit of a challenge but it's really very simple. Keeping the A!C's low has been my life's goal & consequently had a lot of "Lows". I believe in the last 4 months I've maybe had 3or4. My pump is set to alarm at 4.2 which gives lots of time to resolve the problem. I have my Hi set to 10.0 & get the odd alert which is simple to resolve.  That's my input--Good Luck with the new life-style-------You've joined millions of us----------Take Care
My pump is set to alarm at 4.2
Out of curiosity, Canada? Or do you live in another country outside the US.

I tend to ask because I’m interested in whether or not people are using the newer Medtronic MiniMed 640G which (I think) is only available outside of North America at the moment.

YUP–I’m in Canada–Mine’s just the MiniMed with the 1.8 reservoir (small one)–I’m only on about 20 units /day for most of my life !!I like the small size of the pump as I carry it in my shirt pocket–very handy there–I found the belt clips awkward for me at least

Just checked my pump–It’s a Medtronic 530G VEO Paradigm–Can’t believe I didn’t know that but there you go—I see on the net there’s been a concern on registering the 640 in U.S.–something holding up availability--------

I see on the net there’s been a concern on registering the 640 in U.S.–something holding up availability

I’m not aware of anything outside of the standard process concerns standing in the way of approval for the Minimed 640G in the US. It’s a matter of completing the clinical trials which the US FDA requires and then of the FDA approving the results and, thus, the pump. (At least that’s what I think I know).

I have no idea what the status of the 640G might be in Canada. Since I live in the US, I’m not exactly “data rich” when it comes to devices the FDA has not yet approved (of). :wink:

I have been on Minimed pumps for ten years, converted from Animus at suggestion of my doctor. I just moved to new town and the only Endocrinologists that serve this area will only work with Minimed pump users, saying it has the best customer service. I can only take their word for it.

I’ve only been on a pump for 4 mos. When I was told I would need to go on pump therapy, I had no idea what to do. So I contacted the diabetic Ed department at our hospital and they showed me samples of all the pumps. I decided on the T-slim pump from Tandem. It’s all touch screen controls. I still have problems with lows occasionally but overall the pump is very reliable and easy to use.