Dexcom site issues

Has anyone found they have issues with sites failing on their stomach? I’m only 9 weeks so it’s not like my stomach is firm but I tried two dexcom sites the other night and both failed, even though one of them was in almost the same spot I used two weeks ago.

Seems the only sites I can get to work are on my thigh and I’m running out of spots since that’s also where I do my Levemir shots haha.

I may have to try my arms next.

Just seems weird my stomach sites would suddenly not work…

Bumping this up as I’m still having this issue at 17w!

I’m scared to try my arms or have my hubs help me try my arm due to the size of the needle (he’s never even handled my small syringes!).

The only way I can accurately describe the location of mine is the area on the side of my hip/butt cheek. My underwear cover it up and it’s right where they start to get wider from the thinnest part on the sides (bikini-style ones). This location is accurate, doesn’t get in the way, and stays in the longest for me. I just rotate sides when I change the sensor.

So like the side of your butt kinda?


Yep, pretty much.

I’ve been wearing mine on my thighs and that works really well!

@Erica1710 - I’ll have to give that spot a shot! thanks :slight_smile:

@mschuh - my thigh’s have been working well I just need another spot to switch to. I’m only able to use my thigh for my long-acting shots since they are so large so I’m just worried about over using the areas :slight_smile: