Dexcom placement for a swimsuit!

For spring break I am going to a beach location and will be wearing a bathing suit/stomach revealing clothing for the majority of my time there. I really want to put it in a place that won’t show but I don’t know how that would work.

If any ladies out there have found the perfect hiding spot for a CGM in a bikini please let me know!


I just joined and am on my first week with my dexcom and I am hoping someone has some good ideas for you as I will soon find myself in that same situation! I live in Phoenix and it is already hot!!!

What about the back of your arm? Still visible but doesn’t distract from your swimsuit?

You can place the Dex on your buttocks, just above the cheek & below the hip line. The bottom of your bikini should be able to cover most of it there & it’ll still work in that location.

Oh also, I’ve heard of others liking their outer side boob areas for dexcom placement. It could be covered there by a bikini top. I’ve tried it once before & eventhough it works there, I personally found it uncomfortable. I’m not that well endowed up there, so maybe that was why. But if you are, then it’s worth a try.

Or … you can stop worrying about trivial things like appearance, wear it where you want and enjoy your trip to the beach.