Where do you wear the DexCom sensor?

Hi ladies,

I’ll be getting my first-ever CGM next week, but I’m a little concerned about where to put the sensor. I do not want it to show, so I don’t like the arm. I’ve never given shots in my stomach before, and I’m very uncomfortable with putting it on my stomach. (I don’t have a pump.)

I’m thinking of either my thigh or butt/hip. My wardrobe is a lot of pencil skirts/dresses, and pants that tend to be tighter around the hip/upper thigh area, though, so I wonder how those locations would impact my clothing. I was thinking of maybe putting some type of a garter over the sensor to try to smooth it out? Most of my research on garters has discussed only pumps, though, and not the CGM sensors, so I’m not sure if there are other products or other things I can do so I can keep wearing the clothes I like wearing, but also not be uncomfortable wearing the sensor.

Finally, does the sensor impact your sexual activity? That is my one worry about having it on my thigh/butt/hip.

Thanks so much; I’m hoping I might get a few ideas from some of you.

I don’t have a pump either and was also worried about where to put the Dexcom sensor so that it would not be noticable.
I either wear it low on my stomach or on my hip towards the back. My hip is my favorite spot and I don’t have a problem with it showing through clothes. My only issue is if it is too close to the waistband of my pants/skirt- sometimes I pull it off by accident.

I wear mine on my butt. There is a noticeable lump there if your pants or skirts are form fitting. No one has ever asked me or comment about it though. The only other place I’ve tried it is my lower back near my side. That did not work out so well. Bending over and twisting around made it come loose. I reserve my stomach for my pump sites. I don’t see how putting a garter over would smooth it out any, but you could try. To me, the benefits far outweigh the “lump”. Your sides could be a good place to try that might not be as noticeable. That would not work for me because I’m a side sleeper. I have adjusted to being aware of the sensor when changing clothes or going to the restroom or having sex with my husband. It doesn’t get in the way, but I do try to be careful not to rip it out. I put liquid skintac on the sensor adhesive patch to help it stick. That works well. I love my dexcom cgm!

Thanks! I have it on the upper half of my butt, and you guys are right, it’s really not noticeable unless I’m really really looking. I’m still surprised at how unnoticeable it is!

And so far no sex problems. My husband helped me put the sensor and transmitter on, and we’ll probably just keep doing it as a team since it’s a little awkward/tricky for me to do it myself, so that should help him be more aware of where it is too.

My husband puts the sensor/transmitter on as well. I agree- that would be difficult to do myself.

I’ve always had a bit of a belly but I’ve put it on my stomach before. I usually switch between my thigh and my stomach. It sticks out a bit but no one comments so meh. :slight_smile:

I do it myself and haven’t asked my hubby for help yet. I find it really awkward to insert and I’ve been doing needles for 20 years so I don’t really feel comfortable with him helping considering he’s never done an injection before haha.

Keep in mind they recommend them only for stomach use so if you need technical help because the site fails or something they might not provide you with a free replacement site.

I put mine of my love handle. :slight_smile: I would do the butt, but that’s were my infusion site for my pump is.

What insulin pump do you have?

I feel as if I’m late to this party, but the bump from my Dexcom sensor is a constant annoyance to me, too. I have a slight ponch around my midsection, so I place the sensor between my ribs and my waistband. I just wear looser-fitting shirts and/or a cardigan to hide it. I also wonder where to place my Minimed 523 (Revel) pump when I wear a slim silhouette outfit with a low-cut shirt. My typical hiding place is in my bra, between the girls, but the clip or the tubing shows. Ah, but if this is the most of my worries, it’s a good day!