Dexcom G6 insertion site question

Ive been on the G5 for a while and recently transitioned to the G6.
I have never inserted anywhere but my abdomen because I was trying to fatten up a bit (after DKA)…
Well, I’ve fattened up a bit and I’m ready to start exploring my body as the ultimate pin cushion.

Lets talk upper arms. I’ve watched videos on you tube and it looks fairly easy. The one thing I cant figure out is where precisely am I aiming? All the videos feature women and (not being sexist here, but…) as far as I can tell, women have smaller triceps and carry a bit more body fat in that area.

I guess my biggest fear (besides celebrity impersonators) is that I will end up shoving this sensor into muscle by mistake. My BMI and BF% are still on the low side.

also, question about having the sensor on your arm. Is it a decent site for insertion for someone who does a bit of weight lifting in the gym? I’ve never seen anyone at any of the gyms I go to with a sensor on their arm… I live in the middle of 20.5 million people and either I’m the only customer Dexcom has in Southern California or the upper arm site is problematic at the gym.

any hints or advice or experience is greatly appreciated. These sensors are pricey and I don’t want to waste one if it isn’t gonna work.

I don’t have all the answers, but we recently tried the thigh and my daughter loves it there. We have far less compression lows there. She wears a lot of sports shorts because the tight skinny jeans are uncomfortable with it on her leg. She’s a very petite, zero body fat little girl and I thought her legs didn’t have enough fat on them, but she has no problem. Keep in mind the G6 has a shorter sensor and it goes in at an angle. I think that you only need a little ‘padding’ to make it work.

Worked like a charm. Went in, no problem… actually less of a hassle than when i was using my abdomen.

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